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Accumulate thick and thin and climb to the summit again -- Eden and Japan's Lotte supermarket

Date:2018-03-03 21:16:45  Category:NEWS

[Guide]:In September 2016, China's high-end electric warm bag manufacturer - Eden creative daily necessities Co., Ltd... 

  In September 2016, China's high-end electric warm bag manufacturer - Eden creative daily necessities Co., Ltd. and the Japanese Music Group under the banner of the brand Yue Tian supermarket to achieve cooperation, officially become its electric warm bag, warm foot treasure commodity supplier.1.jpg

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Warm foot treasure series products

Founded in 1948 in Tokyo, Japan, music group, originally a food manufacturer, has now expanded to 9 countries, including China, Japan and South Korea, with more than 30 listed companies and non-listed company. The group is all over the fields of food and beverage, circulation, logistics, sightseeing, finance, manufacturing, construction and heavy industry chemistry. The popularity and influence are all leading, creating a success myth that makes the world attention. Lotte supermarket in the company always occupies the leading position in the circulation field. With the mission of "providing fresh and safe goods and improving the quality of life", the supermarket has a mission to provide customers with fresh and safe products with the leading management and health management.

Aiden (edon), as a high-end electric heating bag manufacturer in China, has been adhering to the original design, technical excellence, strict quality control, focus on electric heating bag manufacturing for up to 9 years, the core technology innovation, quality and sales has been the leader of the domestic electric heating bag. With a professional technical team and sales team, with a number of patents, strong technical force and rich production experience, all products are independently developed and manufactured. The product has good quality, reasonable price and novel style. It has won the good praise from the dealers and consumers.


  High frequency hot pressing edge sealing technology, explosion proof and leak proof


 Exquisite car workers, detail display quality



Strict inspection of quality inspection to ensure high quality

In 2016, the new breakthrough of Eden electric bag technology was achieved, and an electric heating bag for 110V power system was developed for export trade. Japan's Lotte supermarket started a preliminary contact with our company in February. During the period, the two sides passed through a number of communication and coordination, finalized the goods and various requirements to ensure that it was in line with the electric heating bag and warm foot treasure small household appliances.

  With "easy, enjoy every day" enterprise concept, Eden has been working on improving the quality of life and providing customers with excellent quality, high technology, good experience and good service, so that every user can enjoy the warmth and love from Eden. For this reason, Eden will continue to make unremitting efforts to challenge the new heights again.